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Join2ship introduces a label generation module to further facilitate transportation management

The Join2ship collaborative solution, developed by the software publisher DDS Logistics, now features a new module to generate the transport labels of dozens of French and international carriers.

From the outset, Join2ship‘s goal has been to bring together shippers, carriers and customers, whether SMEs or key accounts, on a single platform so they can collaborate on their transport operations in real time.

Initially dedicated to road transport and especially to full truckloads or batches, the Join2ship solution boasts advanced features, facilitating the processes of chartering and fixing collection and delivery times. With Join2ship, each of the players in the transport chain has a clear picture of each stage in their process. The solution also offers carriers connection links and a free mobile application, to view deliveries and routes in real time.

Labels for 80 parcel transport services

A fully fledged control tower, Join2ship is now looking to stand out as a single entry point for all types of transport. To this end, the collaborative platform is being enhanced by a module for generating the labels of the main parcel operators.

Label creation, dispatching of transport orders and consolidated reporting of traceability information are among the main features of this new module fully integrated into Join2ship. Some 40 or so parcel transport services are already available on the platform, including  UPSDHLFedexColissimo and many more.

Total traceability from the parcel to the full truckload

This means that all the data necessary for the smooth running of the transport supply chain are available in one space. The shipper delivers the transport information while Join2ship distributes it to the customer regardless of the delivery method, from the parcel to the full truckload. Multi-carrier tracking is automated and consolidated directly on the collaborative platform for gains in efficiency, productivity and services.

By becoming the integrator of all types of transport, Join2ship offers all its users an integrated experience.

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