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DDS Logistics and Mapotempo sign a technology partnership agreement to integrate round optimization into the DDS Shipper TMS

Mapotempo, a publisher of route management solutions and DDS Logistics, a publisher of TMS software, have signed a partnership to offer their customers a solution for managing transport operations from the first to the last kilometer.

Transport is key to competitiveness for businesses. This link in the supply chain has undergone several upheavals over the past three decades: globalization, urban concentration, rising fuel prices, the explosion of e-commerce, the creation of disruptive delivery offers that standardize complex and costly customer requirements and more stringent legislation (HR and environmental). These transformations complicate the management of transport operations and raise fundamental social issues with respect to the environment, the economy, employment and even health.

In recent years, the advent of TMS has allowed carriers to streamline and share the operations carried out by their fleet, and shippers to control the costs of services entrusted to carriers while gaining visibility of flows.

But the line between shipper and carrier is sometimes blurred and common needs have emerged. In fact, some shippers rely on a dedicated fleet for part of their operations, for example, on the last kilometer and, conversely, carriers have developed a 4PL supply for organization of shippers’ flows.

Solution to manage transport operations from the first to the last kilometer

To meet these challenges, DDS Logistics and Mapotempo now offer a solution that optimizes transport operations from the first to the last kilometer through a unique technology, integrated into the DDS Shipper TMS.

For shippers, round optimization enables simultaneous processing in a single TMS of the operations entrusted to the carriers and those performed by a dedicated fleet, so streamlining transport plans and allowing greater competitiveness.

Route optimization also helps improve customer satisfaction by respecting pick-up and delivery times, improving the safety of mobile teams by balancing the workload and complying with HR and environmental legislation.

Through this partnership, DDS Logistics and Mapotempo provide a comprehensive response to current challenges: last kilometer, track & trace, sustainable transportation, etc.

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