Alis International optimizes its shipper customers’ international flows thanks to DDS Shipper.

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Logistic provider Alis International, which is specialized in integration, logistics solutions coordination, customs and 4 PL engineering, has been using DDS Logistics’ DDS Shipper (transport management logistics computer solution for shippers) since 2010.

“We were looking for a solution to help us deploy the best organization for our shipper customers’ international supply chains, which would make it possible to manage flows from order reception until the delivery to the warehouse, to trace them and also to control transport purchase costs” Supply Chain development director Jean-Christophe Cuvelier explains.
Created in 1990, Alis International (Assistance Logistique et Intégration de Solutions) belongs to the Crystal Group and owns two entities. One is located in France and the other in Tangiers, Morocco, from where the company manages all the logistical needs of its customers, whose sectors are the automotive and airspaces industries, the oil services as well as distribution and sales.

Requirements: efficiency and savings

Improving service quality was Alis International’s priority. The company provides comprehensive international flow management solutions through a threefold offering: one aspect consists in providing consulting for the optimization of everything related to transport and customs procedures, another focuses on technology and more specifically Business Intelligence, which involves producing customer management dashboards, and the third aspect is dedicated to outsourcing in four fields, namely customs, transport control as 4PL provider, sales administration back office and quality management. “Besides this offering has the advantage of being regarded as neutral by carriers and forwarders since we are a legally independent entity” Christophe Cuvelier adds.
Alis International’s objective in turning to DDS Logistics was to give its customers control over ever increasing transport purchase costs and reduce them, cheaper processing of A/R and A/P invoices and administrative procedures and optimized relations with customers and subcontractors allowing quality monitoring of the latter’s performances.
Two birds, one stone

DDS Shipper is the right option for Alis International in two respects. Firstly, the company’s customers are already familiar with this tool, which makes it easier to use. Secondly, it saves time and money thanks to its automation and functionalities. The latter let Alis International manage purchase transport flows, automate transport and cost management, manage carrier rates, monitor transport costs and guarantee flow reliability and traceability.
Modules on request
Alis International was able to hand-pick from DDS Shipper’s modules and choose those dedicated to “TMS Distribution”, “Invoice control” and “Alerts and Web tracing” to build a solution that meets its exact requirements.