DDS Logistics speeds up its growth in China

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In March the French TMS (Transport Management Software) leader struck its first “forwarder” deal in China. Its DDS Freight Entreprise solution is being deployed at Celtic China Group, a subsidiary of French company Celtic Global Services and of Legendre group, which is going through a period of significant growth.

30% growth expected for 2010, a turnover set to double within the next three years… Celtic China Group is booming. Born in 2006 from the alliance between French groups Celtic Global Services and Legendre and Chinese forwarder Helka (14 branches in China), Celtic China Group has seen its customer portfolio and staff explode over the last years. With a few clients in 2006, the company which specializes in transportation (import-export), packing and sourcing now has nearly 70 from very diverse sectors, from textile to convenience goods and industrial projects.

“We’ve now achieved a critical mass that raises the question of procedures and information systems. The implementation of DDS Freight is strategic because it’s going to allow us to take our growth much further”, Celtic China Group head Benoît Honnart says.

Celtic China Group has chosen DDS Freight Entreprise with the TMS modules Transit operation, Invoice control, Commercial management, Tracing and Alerts. The solution is being deployed and will be fully operational in early June, in English (the language used in the group).

DDS Freight is simple and flexible, making it possible to centralize and automatically process shipping data, whether for quotation, customs, invoicing or supply management. The solution offers the possibility to integrate additional details into the operational monitoring (such as packing); it automatically creates and transmits alerts if unforeseen events occur.

“We will save 25% on the time we usually devote to information and administrative tasks” Benoît Honnart stresses. That’s extra time for Celtic China Group to spend strengthening customer relations and service standards.

“If we want our customers to be loyal, we need to be attentive to them, to be responsive and flexible. This requires freeing up time. The DDS Logistics utility will allow us to improve operational monitoring and pay even more attention to our customers’ needs”.

With Celtic China Group, DDS Logistics strengthens its position in China. DDS Logistics’ Chinese branch manager Fabrice Lebret comments on this evolution: “So far we’ve been implementing solutions dedicated for shippers in this country. Now our whole range of products is present in China”.

DDS Logistics has been operating in China since 2008 and has a sales office in Shanghai and a branch in Hong Kong.






About Celtic China Group

Created in 2006, Celtic China Group is a subsidiary of French company Celtic Global Services and of the Legendre group. This Shanghai-based company operates in 14 cities in China thanks to its partnership with Helka Group. It provides support to companies for the management of import/export trade from and to China and supply chain planning, offering a wide range of services: warehousing, distribution, transport flow planning, project management, packing, quality control, sourcing.

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