Digitizing transport: the keys to understanding TMS software and collaborative transport platforms

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Launching a project to optimize your transport is not always an easy task. From collaborative platforms, to transport software, software for logistics, and TMS, there is a multitude of innovative digitization tools.

So how can you be sure that they are adapted to your processes and will meet your goals? Here is a brief overview of the software for logistics and transport designed for shippers.

Transport, logistics and supply chain managers are all under increasing pressure to optimize their transport. While the digitization of transport is not an end in itself, it has clearly become a major factor in the implementation of an efficient supply chain. This link is at the very heart of an increasingly demanding market, and has emerged as a key part of organizations, on three different levels.

The three reasons why you should digitize your transport

1 > Transport software: a tool that helps achieve customer satisfaction

The growth of e-commerce and omnichannel trade has seen the level of customer demands rise significantly. These developments have made retailers, distributors and manufacturers aware of the critical role that transport plays in the customer experience, and of the need to use solutions dedicated to controlling the level of service. Transport must become more rapid, more efficient and more economical in order to solve a tough equation that meets the logistical and economic demands of supply chain organizations and, most importantly, fulfills the wishes of end customers.

2 > Transport software: a tool that controls the complexity of your transport and logistics operations

Internationalization, the shortage of drivers, environmental demands, the need for increased traceability and the diversity of flows have all made the management of transport and logistics significantly more complex. Transport software or collaborative transport platforms stand out as the ideal digital solution to better organize and automate tasks.

3 > Transport software: a tool that meets your profitability targets

Today, profitability targets are more present than ever before. The direct or indirect cost of transport is, and will be, subject to context-dependent increases, due to rising energy prices, growing demands for control and the risk of non-quality. Imponderables and eventualities can be costly. Transport software, collaborative transport platforms or TMS software can help anticipate and control these issues, without affecting the productivity of the entire chain. On the contrary, they help optimize it !

Transport management software: discover the available solutions, from the simplest to the most complex

Collaborative transport platforms

Transport digitization solutions are not exclusively meant for carriers. On the contrary! Today, a multitude of options are available for manufacturers and distributors. Collaborative transport platforms have emerged as simple and accessible entry-level tools. Collaborative transport platforms are capable of addressing the main issues of transport optimization, such as gaining access to a selection of carriers, their prices and their capacity, so that quotes can be raised almost immediately, along the same lines as a charterer. They make it easier to deliver transport services with a higher quality of service, while offering shippers increased traceability of their operations and their goods, and facilitating exchanges with the entire logistics chain ecosystem.

The example of Join2ship

The Join2ship tool, developed by DDS Logistics, is a good example. Designed along the lines of a genuine social network between shippers, recipients and carriers, this collaborative transport platform can be used to organize and offer increased visibility of incoming deliveries through a free scheduling service, real-time monitoring, order tracking, ad valorem insurance coverage and alerts in the event of an incident, or late or early deliveries! Join2ship is a cloud-based, collaborative and easy-to-use transport platform that is accessible to all.

Optimizing rounds with transport software

Other solutions exist to meet more specific needs. The family of transport logistics software includes tools designed to optimize rounds. These widely used tools are designed for shippers that want to improve the control of their own fleet of vehicles. Cloud-based solutions, like the one on offer from MapoTempo, can be used to rationalize transport plans for higher competitive performance, while also addressing the issues related to last-mile deliveries and the complexity of the transport chain.

Likewise, to efficiently deliver the rising volume of parcels, solutions for parcel flow management and the printing of labels in the formats required by carriers are also widely available in the market. The release of the new dedicated module of the Join2ship collaborative transport platform is one example.

TMS software: a global tool for an efficient supply chain

TMS software is the top level of the solutions designed to systematically and globally digitize transport. Already well known as a road transport software solution, the TMS extends far beyond this already complex activity, to include all means of transport. TMS software covers every step of the digitization and the organization of transport. Its main functions include the scheduling and optimization of the shipments assigned to carriers, data exchanges, chartering, visibility, pricing management and the control of transport costs.

This most complete form of transport software can also be integrated in the global ecosystem of logistics software and can be easily interfaced with your ERP, WMS or OMS. A fact demonstrated by the multitude of implementations of the DDS Shipper TMS solution by DDS Logistics for its shipper customers. Increasingly widespread and accessible TMS software solutions are now available in lightweight versions, like the Shipper Light TMS, that meets the needs of all buyers, whether in SaaS or Cloud versions.

Be informed and dare to digitize your transport

Collaborative transport platforms, transport software, TMS software … Irrespective of your processes, your budget and the size of your company, specialized software publishers have developed a broad range of efficient solutions that meet your needs. Today, controlling costs and the quality of service delivered to your customers is essential to the smooth running of your supply chain, so call on us to guide and advise you on the best solution for your company.


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