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E-BOOK : Change and succeed

Change and succeed

In recent years, it is clear that collaboration between partners in the same supply chain has become increasingly important. This desire to pool resources and to share information requires logistics departments to equip themselves with collaborative tools and systems to improve their operational and economic performance.

TMS (Transport Management System) and collaborative platforms are among them. Performance and traceability of transport are the main assets of these solutions, which ultimately allow a significant reduction in transport costs and quality of service to its customers.

But as with any IT solution, the successful implementation of a TMS solution or a collaborative tool is based on a change process. This project to digitalize processes must be carefully thought out. Knowing how to communicate about the change, reassure employees and partners, and win their support to make the implementation a success requires an appropriate approach. Through this white paper, we wanted to share our clients’ efficient processes and meet their expectations by providing them with our know-how, our best practices and our recommendations for a successful transportation digitalization project.