Import Light

the easy solution to track your products around the world

» Import Light

Import Light, the collaborative platform for international transport !

Designed to facilitate exchanges between all actors in the international supply chain, Import Light is the solution to obtain complete visibility of orders and transports, in “easy” mode.

With the Import Light collaborative platform, importers, exporters, freight forwarders, factories or consignees collaborate, monitor physical and documentary flows, and anticipate any delays in the chain.

A real control tower, the collaborative solution offers you a : 

  • Permanent visibility of the quantity of products ordered, in the process of delivery or received.
  • Ability to recalculate the arrival date (ETA), to control the risks of delay or even disruption of supply.
  • Possibility to reduce your security stocks throughout the chain.

Easy to set up and accessible to any company, Import Light is a light version of our DDS Import, supply chain solution, a complete TMS for managing international supply chains.

With Import Light, you can track your products around the world !

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