How DDS Logistics

meets the needs of importers/exporters


Your business challenges

As an importer/exporter, there are many problems that complicate your transport processes. And in particular:

  • You lack vision of the sourcing and shipments of your products.
  • You have difficulty communicating, due to the multitude of players. It is difficult to send the right documents to the right persons when working simultaneously with suppliers, shipping companies, airlines, forwarding agents, logistics service providers, customs authorities, port authorities, etc.
  • You do not have a vision of the total cost of your import/export operations.

Our response: the efficient control of your international supply chain, thanks to the digitalization solutions on offer from DDS Logistics.

DDS digitalization solutions provide you with the means of controlling complex, multimodal supply chains. And of reducing your time to market.

In concrete terms, we can provide importers/exporters with:

  • Complete visibility of the quantities of products ordered and/or in transit and maximum visibility of your orders, containers and packages for importers, or optimal tracking of shipments for exporters. In the event of a problem (delays, incidents), you are informed, so that you can take action and quickly find an alternative solution. Every level of your shipment or reception processes is better organized. You can avoid breakdowns in the supply of goods. And you deliver the right service to your customers.
  • A co-working platform to stay in contact with all the players in the supply chain: suppliers, shipping companies, airlines, forwarding agents, loaders and logistics partners. And you can also communicate more easily and send your documents in just a few clicks. As a consequence, your teams are more productive.
  • A tool to calculate the total cost of your import/export operations that includes the purchase price and the costs of the logistics of the imported/exported products. This tool helps you find the best supply sources, control your margins and reduce the risk of loss leaders.

Opt for the visibility and tracking of your import/export processes, thanks to DDS Logistics solutions, and rationalize your costs!

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