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meets the needs of forwarding agents.

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Your business challenges

You are a forwarding agent or a freight forwarder that wants to develop its business and grow. But your quest for growth faces a number of obstacles that impact your logistics chain:

  • You have to deal with different information systems that are aging or simply unsuitable. To take up your everyday challenges, you need to be able to count on a single, modern operations system that covers all of your needs.
  • Your international growth requires a solution that unites all of your subsidiaries in a uniform manner.
  • Your sales force does not have a centralized tool. As a consequence it has difficulty in efficiently managing customer relations, and sharing information optimally between operatives.

DDS Freight is our response to these problems. A solution designed to cover all the import and export transport-related operations of forwarding agents and freight forwarders.

DDS Freight provides a concrete solution to your business challenges. Our solution offers:

  • Flexible installation and use, thanks to an SaaS mode or a license-based offer, plus a functional and efficient interface, offering optimized design and ergonomics.
  • Control of the logistics, sales, financial and customs stages of your transit business, with the export/import file transfer function for end-to-end tracking of goods and smoother information flows between your teams and subsidiaries.
  • Efficient management of your customer relations, with a CRM system designed to boost your growth. Because it is well adapted to the forwarding business, this tool provides your sales force with the means of effectively tracking every deal, from the business development phase to operations in progress.

Our DDS Freight solution will simplify and optimize your transport operations!

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