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responds to the problems of 4 HGV transport organisers

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Your business challenges

Offer a tailored service to its customers, provide them with new services, measure the cost savings achieved … As a logistics provider, you are looking for:

  • A solution that allows you to more effectively manage and share the complex supply chains of your customers.
  • A tool that gives you a 360 ° visibility on the flow of shipments and deliveries, for a total control of the transport chain.
  • An instrument that helps you analyze your data in depth, so you can continually improve the services your customers receive.

Our answer: TMS solutions from DDS Logistics.

The TMS solutions offered by DDS Logistics have been specifically designed to support the activity of 4 PL transport organizers. These tools operate at three levels.

By pooling your transport flows. True control towers, our TMS solutions help you to:

  • Optimize your processes,
  • Rationalize your logistics costs,
  • Propose a global pilot service,
  • Ensure better control of the supply chain,
  • Simplify your administrative procedures,
  • Become more than a provider in the eyes of your customers: a real strategic partner.

Ensuring traceability of all orders from sourcing to delivery to the customer . This proactive management offers you:

  • Better visibility,
  • Greater responsiveness in the event of a delay or incident (via an alert system),
  • Weapons to provide a more efficient service to your customers.

Helping you make decisions with predictive data analysis with our Dashboard BI solution. A tool that allows you to:

  • Give meaning to information,
  • Scheduling your transport flows,
  • Optimize your costs and operations,
  • Render a better service to your customers,
  • Anticipate their future needs.

Adopting TMS solutions from DDS Logistics is revolutionizing your business processes!

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