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Digital transport solutions for an agile transport organization

The health crisis is putting logistics organizations to the test and forcing the supply chain to be agile to ensure service continuity.

In order to adapt to different situations and quickly reconfigure its operations without exploding costs, the digitalization of its transport process becomes essential.

The benefits? Process automation, better collaboration with its ecosystem, time savings, shipment tracking, cost control…

Discover in this infographics, the different steps of the digitalization of its transport process.


With a digital transport solution such as a TMS software or a collaborative transport platform, you optimize your transport process.

Each step is mastered to get your merchandise to its destination.

  • Automatic integration of your orders in TMS Transport software
  • Automatic selection of your carriers and planning of your shipments
  • Chartering and automatic appointment scheduling for the collection of your goods
  • Centralization of exchanges with your service providers via the collaborative platform
  • Optimal visibility of the delivery of your orders throughout the supply chain
  • Delivery of your customers on the day and time of their choice
  • Control your transport costs
  • Reduction of your costs and CO2

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