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The issues raised by the supply chain are complex. Sourcing, warehousing, transport, distribution… are today at the heart of shippers’ concerns. In an increasingly digitalized world, each of these strategic activities now requires dedicated logistics software. Focus on the tools available to companies to optimise their supply chain…

Why digitize your supply chain using logistics software?

A better collaboration with its logistics and transport partners

Suppliers, forwarding agents, freight forwarders, carriers, logistics specialists… more and more players are working on a single supply chain. In order to obtain information in real time, to facilitate the flow of data relating to the flow of goods. As well as receiving alerts in the event of hazards or optimising warehouse storage and product dispatch, the installation of logistics software such as WMS (Warehouse Management System) or TMS (Transport Management System) is essential today.

Anticipate and plan your transport and logistics operations

Digitizing facilitates decision making throughout the supply chain. In terms of supply planning, stock forecasts, warehouse order preparation, but also in terms of transport. Which transport plan should I opt for? Which carriers to choose? At what rate? A transport management software such as TMS transport software will allow its users to make relevant choices for an optimized and efficient supply chain. From the supplier to the end customer.

Increased productivity

Optimised transport plans thanks to the TMS transport software. Improved stock management through the use of a WMS. Efficient delivery rounds shared on a collaborative platform. All this increases the productivity of the supply chain and their companies. As proof, many manufacturers and distributors are equipping themselves with logistics and transport software to ensure customer satisfaction and increase their performance.

What are the main logistics software available?

The WMS to better manage your warehouse

It is the essential tool for operational management in the warehouse. A key tool for logistics productivity, this warehouse management system helps, among other things, to reduce preparation errors, optimise storage space and facilitate the work of operators. Implemented for many years with service providers. Today, this logistics software is increasingly used by distributors, manufacturers, retailers and other e-merchants.

The TMS to optimize its transport

This transport management software supports shippers and carriers throughout their transport organisation. Traceability, transport budget management, process automation, reduction of the transport budget, control of the environmental impact and improvement of the quality of service delivered to the customer are among its main virtues. As the leader in TMS, the publisher DDS Logistics supports companies in optimising transport management through various solutions such as DDS Shipper, TMS dedicated to shippers and Shipper Light, the TMS DDS Shipper, in a lighter version! The latter, available in SaaS mode, offers a rapid return on investment. This can save up to 5% on transport costs.

Collaborative platforms for more efficient transport operations

Supply chain transport digitalisation solutions, collaborative platforms offer shippers and their carriers a tool that is simple, economical and innovative. In a single space, users are able to manage delivery appointments and integrate orders. They can also choose carriers, track shipments in real time, dematerialize proof of delivery and benefit from alerts in the event of incidents, delays or early delivery. This type of logistics software is developing more and more. At DDS Logistics, it is the Join2ship collaborative transport platform that brings together shippers, service providers and customers to enable them to build a lasting relationship around a collaborative cloud platform.     The selected logistics tool(s) should be properly implemented from a technical as well as an organisational point of view. To do this, a dedicated transport solutions publisher such as DDS Logistics will be able to support you throughout your supply chain optimisation project.  DDS Expert , the DDS expertise center, offers its customers personalised support and the following services

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