The Away from Home Consumption market organizes its logistics and transport

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According to the French Federation of Beverages, in 2012 logistics accounted for 10 to 20% of the cost of a beverage delivered in the Away from Home Consumption channel.

This is no doubt why this branch, structured around a network of “wholesale beverage warehouse operators”; whose approach was traditionally centered on the “wholesale business,” invests increasingly in logistic excellence. SMEs, networks and major groups ; whether national or regional ; are all actively working to resize their tools to meet the increasing stakes in the sector: competitiveness, effective customer presence and quality of service.

Faced with increasing competition and ever-growing customer requirements, the wholesale beverage warehouse operators have never ceased developing their network coverage of the French territory, focusing on a local approach and flows, tailored to meet the needs of their customers (hotels, restaurants, cafés, etc.).

An agile organization whose strength also lies in the consideration of urban logistics and its accompanying transport policy.

Distribution stakes close to customers.

The Away from Home Consumption market is structured around a myriad of wholesale beverage warehouse operators confronted with service challenges; (reliability of storage and order preparation operations, traceability of shipments and adherence to delivery deadlines); and strict regulations governing the boom in urban logistics (noise disturbance, urban transport plans, delivery zones, etc.). These regulations, although restrictive, also stand out as a source of economic and environmental opportunities for the wholesale beverage warehouse operators.

The available levers to respond to this challenge include defining new optimized processes; reducing the number of kilometers traveled, loading trucks better, CSR, etc.

Accompany and organize transport flows.

Whether the flows are local, regional or even national, new tools and systems now make it possible for Away from Home Consumption stakeholders to optimize their transport and cope with the changes in the sector. As such, France’s leader in TMS, DDS Logistics has developed the Join2ship collaborative solution; bringing together shippers, service providers and customers in the B2B customer relation service.

Join2ship makes it possible to organize all aspects of these transport operations; from managing appointments, digitizing the chartering process, tracking shipments and switching to paperless processes for proofs of delivery; all in real time.

Through a simple, lean and inexpensive solution Join2ship supports wholesale beverage warehouse operators in their search to optimize costs and the quality of service.