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To go even further in the visibility of your transport operations

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Know when the truck’s coming? Anticipate a delay or an advance in delivery thanks to predictive ETA?

With the new ETA calculation functionality of the Join2ship collaborative platform, you can anticipate the receipt of your goods. Whether the driver is early or late, your operational teams are informed in real time of all your deliveries.

The calculation of ETA coupled with the scheduling of appointments with carriers.

Coupled with the Join2ship carrier appointment schedule, the ETA calculation provides benefits across the entire logistics and transport chain. Thanks to the various predictive information received in real time, your operators can interact or anticipate transport hazards.

Transport functionality for optimum visibility

Thanks to reliable and relevant data, the calculation of the estimated time of arrival of the goods is carried out according to :

  • GPS coordinates of the trucks
  • Miles to next stop
  • Estimated length of breaks
  • Analysis of various historical data

The ETA (or Predictive ETA) calculation thus provides information on the most adjusted and realistic time of arrival of the goods.

Benefits for all!

  • Anticipation of transport hazards
  • Better organization of teams in the warehouse
  • Better customer service

*ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival

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