Rémy Martin equips itself with the Join2ship solution to smooth the activities of its bottling site

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Rémy Martin equips itself with the Join2ship solution to smooth the activities of its bottling site

Rémy Martin, a major player in the production and manufacture of cognac in France, has equipped itself with the Join2ship collaborative digital transport solution. The objective is to optimize its reception and dispatch processes at its bottling site in Cognac.

The House of Rémy Martin is a family business established in Cognac to produce and manufacture the eau-de-vie of the same name. It is recognized worldwide for its know-how. In order to optimise its logistics, the company wanted to improve the fluidity of its transport activities at its bottling site. Every day, between 20 and 40 lorries are on the road to receive and dispatch all the elements necessary for the production of Cognac : in reception, the precious beverage arrives by tanker, accompanied by items dedicated to packaging ; in dispatch, the finished product is packaged on pallets.

Optimize receiving and shipping operations

The bottling site, classified as Seveso is equipped with four docks and two additional reception points but it faces a double problem: saturation of its reception and dispatch points and an increase in the production volume. “On incoming flows, our dedicated quay was quickly reaching saturation at certain time of the day. At the same time, on outgoing flows, we were encountering a problem with respecting schedules. At the end of the day, we had to deal with long queues, generating safety and stress problems for our operators. All of this could be a source of errors and alter the efficiency of our logistics processes,” explains Nadège ALPHONSE, Continuous Improvement Engineer and Methods in Logistics at Rémy Martin.

Dockside activities facilitated and managed in real time

Rémy Martin was then looking for a solution to smooth out the activity of its docks, to make reception and shipping schedules more reliable while evaluating its partners. The Cognac house studied six solutions and finally opted for the tool developed by the publisher DDS Logistics : the collaborative solution for digitizing transport Join2ship. “It meets our needs with its quick, easy and ergonomic installation, adapted to our size”, explains Nadège ALPHONSE. The application, on which some thirty Rémy Martin partners are registered, allows real-time appointment scheduling at any time of the day as well as the planning of reception and dispatch schedules according to capacities and opening hours. Finally, the company can also evaluate the performance of its processes through KPIs adapted to its needs.

A digital solution at the service of a historic house

Thanks to the implementation of Join2ship and the digitalization of its exchanges with its supplier and transport partners, the House of Rémy Martin now controls the visibility of its dock schedules. It has been able to smooth out its activities according to the capacity of its teams and plan its operations on reception platforms. The occupancy rate has risen from over 100% to a maximum of 80% in the case of large receptions. At the same time, the solution allowed the company to strengthen the monitoring of on-site entrances and exits. Finally, in constant development, the company now benefits from a solution capable of keeping pace with the growth in its volumes. “The Join2ship team was able to support us and meet our needs point by point. We have been heard and have confidence in our partner. From now on, we are going to discover the diversity of the solutions offered by DDS Logistics, which may perhaps interest us in the future“, concludes Nadège ALPHONSE.

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