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In 2027, the SAP R/3 transportation management module will disappear. What are the consequences for users managing these dedicated operations? And what are the alternatives? This is what DDS Logistics explains in this article.

Today, companies using SAP ECC6 have two modules for transportation management:  

  • The first one, LE-TRA (Logistics Execution – Transportation), is directly integrated in the ERP and mainly allows to perform basic actions. Such as invoice control and transport document management.  
  • At the same time, SAP also offers a complete TMS, SAP TM6. 

In 2015, the publisher released the new version of its software. Since then, many companies are migrating to this latest offering. Called 4HANA, it introduces a new product, SAP S/4HANA TM. The latter exists in a “basic shipping” version. It covers the same scope as LE-TRA, except for certain functions such as the Transportion Cockpit.  

SAP removes the module “Logistics Execution Transportation” module in the SAP S/4HANA release

By 2027, SAP intends to encourage its users to migrate to the latter. In concrete terms, this means that the LE-TRA module and its support will be removed. Users will then have to deploy a new project to two solution options. The S/4 HANA TM basic shipping software (equivalent to LE-TRA) or the full version S/4 HANA Supply Chain for Transportation Management.  

Nevertheless, S/4 HANA TM basic shipping is a completely different software from LE-TRA. Its functions and ergonomics are different, some functions are missing and its different templates make it difficult to retrieve data such as rates. At the same time, access to the advanced features of TM (“professional shipping”) requires expensive additional SAP S/4 HANA licenses. Furthermore, regardless of the solution chosen, automatic data migration will not be possible. Finally, the last nuance between the two full TMS versions – SAP TM6 and /4 HANA Supply Chain for Transportation Management – is that the collaboration portal with carriers would disappear. 

Why choose a TMS solution?

Thus, in order to avoid a heavy and expensive project redeployment, other alternatives exist. And for good reason, the products on the market offer an easier implementation approach, on a dedicated product, capable of connecting easily to the SAP S/4 HANA ERP. Thus, a user of the LE-TRA module, who is forced to undertake a migration project in 2027 in order to use SAP S/4 HANA, will have every interest in migrating directly to a less costly external solution, capable of covering invoice control, document management, and including carriers upstream of the supply chain in real time.

Rapid implementation, collaboration: the essential advantages of a TMS solution

An out-of-the-box business solution such as the DDS Shipper TMS or the Join2ship transport management platform offers not only rapid implementation but also collaborative functions that are essential for gaining agility and interacting effectively with your transport partners. The latter are already integrated into the tools. It includes a collaborative portal through which shippers and carriers exchange in real time.

Scalability and flexibility to adapt to transport needs

Because supply chain transport expectations evolve as quickly as consumer habits and customer needs, the solutions implemented to manage these transport operations must also be modular and scalable. The solutions developed by DDS Logistics are based on modules that can be upgraded to complete transport optimization and chain management functions. They can be developed at your own pace, according to your needs and challenges. Whether it’s for BtoC distribution, maritime or air transport…

Facilitate the connection of tools dedicated to transport management

Finally, in order to free itself from heavy IT constraints, DDS Logistics offers Cloud Computing for all its transport and sourcing solutions. Hosted in SaaS mode, these solutions offer lower implementation costs, as no specific hardware is required, and all this with enhanced security. These alternative solutions can also be easily integrated with the entire SAP environment using the multiple APIs offered by the American publisher.

More flexible, collaborative and less costly, the digital transport solutions developed by DDS Logistics are proving to be promising alternatives. And they ensure efficient and sustainable transport management. 2027 is fast approaching, don’t hesitate to compare, we’ll be there to inform you! 

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