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An academy open to all

DDS Academy is a training space open to all players in the supply chain.

Benefit from the experience of DDS Logistics to acquire and enrich your knowledge and skills

Do you need to strengthen your skills in our transport or supply chain software? Do you need to know the best practices to successfully deploy a TMS project or a collaborative platform? DDS Academy will help you.

Digital and Presential: an efficient duo at the service of training

DDS Academy offers you blended learning training: learning that combines both digital and face-to-face learning. Digital to acquire knowledge simply and effectively. This allows you to study at your own pace, according to your schedule, where you want and as many times as you want. Face-to-face to experiment, share and acquire skills in a stimulating environment.

A personalised follow-up is proposed to you throughout your training course to ensure that you reach your objectives.

The benefits of effective blended training from DDS Academy

An easy-to-use E-learning solution

Unlimited access to the courses 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

Face-to-face lessons

Personalized follow-up

Professionals to help you


Do you need to discover or rediscover the features of one of DDS Logistics’s transport solutions?

DDS Academy supports you and your teams throughout your learning process, whether you are an expert in Transport Management Systems (TMS) or a newcomer. DDS Academy training courses will provide you with a solid knowledge base to fully use all the functionalities of our transport software.


Is my transport software still adapted to my new logistics organisation?

To meet the demands of companies: increase productivity, provide more services to its customers… our transport solutions are constantly evolving. In order to get the most out of our MSDs and to ensure that your investment is long-lasting, DDS Academy offers you training courses to ensure that you are always up to date with the latest product features and innovations.

The evolution of customer expectations, the complexity of flows, omnicanality, digitalisation… Do you feel alone in the face of accelerating changes in your environment?

The routing of goods has become strategic for many companies that have to deliver their customers – in BtoB or BtoC – always faster and better. DDS Academy offers you training to understand and grasp the changes in the supply chain today and tomorrow.

You need to digitise your transport organisation and you feel lost in the face of the multiple software solutions on the market?

Collaborative platform, TMS, transport software, freight exchange… starting a transport optimisation project is not easy. DDS Academy offers training courses on transport solutions from the simplest to the most complex. Whatever the size of your company, your budget or your processes, this training will allow you to discover a range of efficient solutions adapted to your needs.

Consultant, project manager, business analyst? What are the professions in the world of publishers?

Do you want to discover the business of a software publisher or do you want to successfully implement a digital solution? DDS Academy offers training courses to become a customer success manager, consultant, project manager, super user, integrate a customer service department, set up a product team, etc.


Whether you are a professional or a private individual, DDS Academy offers training adapted to your profile and your budget.

Ready for the adventure? Start now?

Thanks to our expertise and support, we offer our customers a better ROE and ROI on their software investment but also an open-mindedness on their business, their tools and their organization.

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