Shipper TMS

Designed for manufacturers, distributors or 4PLs, DDS Shipper offers a system for managing and optimizing your national, international and multimodal transport flows – road, sea, air, river…DDS Shipper transport software enables you to control, manage your shipments and automate your transport operations.
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Transport collaborative platform

Join2ship is a collaborative transport solution to plan, manage and track its shipments and receipts of goods in real time. This collaborative platform streamlines communication between all actors in the supply chain and improves your visibility on deliveries. It allows your partners to notify you in real time of the status of the delivery, especially in case of problems or missed deadlines.
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Import Supply Chain

DDS Import is a solution specially developed for importers. The import software allows you to trace, organise and control your international flows thanks to real-time monitoring and performance indicators.
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Freight Forwarding

DDS Freight is intended for the import/export activities of forwarding agents and freight forwarders. This TMS solution allows you to coordinate the various partners and guarantee the routing of goods throughout the world, thanks in particular to tools for managing your files, your financial risks and performance indicators.
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International Purchasing

DDS Sourcing enables you to efficiently manage your supplies worldwide, as well as to calculate and control your expenses linked to these international transports. This sourcing software is the ideal tool for optimising your purchasing strategy, managing your product data or improving your quality control processes.
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Digital solutions to manage your supply chain


Industrials, distributors, 4PL

The complete control system and
optimization of your shipments

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Collaborative platform

Manufacturers, distributors, 4PL

The collaborative solution for
visibility and
appointment scheduling

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Supply Chain

Purchasing centers,
importers, industrials

The solution for your
international supplies

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International Purchasing Centers

The international sourcing platform

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Freight forwarders,
commission agents
of transportation

The operating tool to
orchestrate your international
transport operations

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