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Eurocopter deploys DDS Shipper at its European plants

By the end of 2010 the three main European production sites of the world’s leading civil and military helicopter manufacturer Eurocopter group, a division of EADS, will be equipped with publisher DDS Logistics’ software solution. The goal is to improve the traceability of all flows (import and export) related to helicopter manufacturing.

Reducing transport costs

According to a study[1] by Beth Enslow of Aberdeen Group, a research institute, 8% of financial costs in the logistics chain could be avoided with better management of transport invoice control. Delocalisation to low-cost countries and the resulting extended logistics chain have made transport invoices more difficult to track and to verify. The ‘Finance’ module […]

DDS Logistics enlisted to facilitate Alinéa’s expansion

Alinéa, the furnishings and decorations retailer, is expanding rapidly and has decided to track its procurement orders and manage its upstream merchandise flows in real time. It has chosen DDS Shipper, the international transport and commerce software published by DDS Logistics, to provide the solution.

DDS Logistics expands into China

In this Year of the Rat, DDS Logistics is setting out to conquer the ‘Middle Empire’. The company creates transport management and international commerce software and has recently opened a subsidiary in Hong Kong and a sales office in Shanghai. DDS Logistics intends to establish a presence at the crossroads of so many global supply […]

International Sourcing

The new challenge for manufacturers and the FCMG sector To stay competitive, it has become essential for manufacturers and major retailers to be able to identify the best sources for procurement. Increasing numbers of them are importing goods from low cost countries – principally China. Efficient sourcing and bulk-buying are the keys to cutting costs […]

DDS Logistics offers importers a REACH-compatible tracking solution

DDS Logistics has upgraded the sourcing and referencing modules of DDS Shipper with new functions, allowing importers who use it to track chemical substances as required by REACH regulations, now in force in the European Community. Quick reminder The new REACH regulation (for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of CHemical substances) requires that companies dealing […]