How to control CO2 emission for transport ?

Controlling transport CO2 emissions, one of the problems facing logistics companies today! How to do it? How can you control the volume of CO2 emitted in the transport of goods (TRM) and meet government requirements? DDS provides you with the answers.

Leveraging digital to make transportation an essential part of the customer experience

A global health crisis, a growing labor shortage throughout Europe, and increasingly pressing transportation needs… Faced with a sector under pressure, manufacturers and shippers are relying on digitalization and TMS to ensure an optimal experience for their customers.   Before the Covid crisis, the market for digital solutions dedicated to transport was growing by 5 […]

What is the role of logistics in a company?

Customer satisfaction is essential to the company’s sustainability. However, a major part of this satisfaction comes from logistics: the company’s ability to organize its material flows to meet the needs of its end customers. Logistics is not only a service: it is a strategic function, both a lever for internal optimization and a tool for […]