Developments in transport software

As it is constantly developed to meet the growing needs of its users, transport software is adapting to every organization and process of increasingly complex supply chains

Transport software : How to make it a valuable ally to adapt to the BREXIT?

With a possible no-deal exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union just a few weeks away, logistics operators and carriers are having to conduct analyses, anticipate and take action to gain tighter control of their customers’ processes. Amongst the available tools, the DDS Shipper transport software solution DDS Shipper, developed by DDS Logistics, stands out as a valuable ally. 

Reducing transport costs

According to a study[1] by Beth Enslow of Aberdeen Group, a research institute, 8% of financial costs in the logistics chain could be avoided with better management of transport invoice control. Delocalisation to low-cost countries and the resulting extended logistics chain have made transport invoices more difficult to track and to verify. The ‘Finance’ module […]