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Development of TMS in France: demonstrate the benefits of a transport software application for performance optimization

While the world market for TMS accounted for almost $2 billion in 2017, sustained by growth forecasts of 7% for 2018-2025, what about the growth of this kind of transport software in France and the factoring in of its multiple possibilities?

According to a survey conducted in 2016 by DDS Logistics and the EST (Ecole Supérieure des Transports) concerning the equipment and maturity of shippers’ TMS software, more than 43% of companies still used a spreadsheet to manage their transport requests for quotation. The problem? The fact that so few customers know about this transport software.

Nevertheless, there is clearly growing interest among French shippers in TMS software since the survey also revealed an equipment rate up 7% in the space of 10 years. The advent of e-commerce, globalization and the increasingly complex nature exchanges as well as the increasing use of paperless documents have continually pushed up demand in this area.

TMS software: a key tool in the efficiency and digitization of the supply chain

A favorable context combined with efficiency gains and a return on investment estimated at between 5% and 10% make TMS software a major tool in the efficiency and digitization of the supply chain.

In an increasingly digital world, at the heart of an agile supply chain and faced with increasingly demanding customers, companies, whether shippers, carriers or even logistics service providers, must control the traceability of their shipments from end to end.

Transport TMS: evermore opportunities for further upgrades

Although collaborative platforms are part of this process of digitization of transport and logistics processes, to go further in the optimization and performance of their transport operations, the sector’s players have for many years been able to rely on increasingly targeted TMS software, such as DDS Shipper and DDS Freight, Transport TMS which are respectively dedicated to shippers and freight forwarders, published by DDS Logistics.

Continually evolving – as evidenced by the various versions of the tools developed by the publishers and the many modules that they add such as the Export module only recently integrated into the DDS Shipper TMS – the Transport Management System permits comprehensive coverage of all of the aspects relating to the transport chain.

Choosing the best carrier, automated order consolidation and better planning and chartering of transportation, as well as real-time tracking of shipments and alerts in the event of early and late deliveries or incidents offer continuous improvements in the operational efficiency of transport.

Now compatible with smartphones and tablets thanks to dedicated applications, available in SaaS mode and soon to be even further optimized thanks to the contribution of new technologies such as artificial intelligence or Blockchain, TMS software is set to witness further possibilities for optimization which will rouse the interest of French shippers even more.

Demonstrate the value of transport software

So, whether it concerns the concepts of cost, purchasing, distribution or performance measurement, the transport TMS is nowadays standing out as an essential operational and decision-making tool.

Evidence comes in the shape of proven benefits such as increasing team productivity through process automation, reducing transport costs by up to 10%, or controlling its environmental impact as well as improving the quality of the service delivered to the customer.

A leader in the TMS software market in France, DDS Logistics is developing solutions that enable complete digitization of transport flows as well as visibility and cost control throughout the supply chain.

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