The first online simulator that calculates and reduces your transport costs

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On its website, French transport software leader DDS Logistics has launched a free simulator that lets you estimate what you can save on transport by using the TMS. A first!!

Cutting down on transport costs? TMS solutions have proven their worth. For those who still wonder, DDS Logistics has just developed the first TMS ROI simulator on its website. This freely accessible utility uses transport data (annual number of shipments, transport method, number of invoices to process…) to calculate for each cost item the gains and savings that can be made by using the DDS Shipper TMS.

“The TMS optimizes transport operations: improved fill rates for trucks, improved merchandise consolidation, shorter trips and so on. This allows the service provision purchase budget to be reduced considerably DDS Logistics’ CEO Jérôme Bour explains. Some of our clients obtained a 6 to 10 month-return on investment with savings on transport expenses ranging from 5 to 10%.”

Implementing DDS Shipper doesn’t only translate in reduced transport budget, it also improves:

  • Team productivity: the automation of tasks such as chartering, invoicing of clients or supplier invoice reconciliation frees up time that can then be devoted to tasks with strong added value for the client.
  • Improved client service: shipment tracking, anticipation of transport incidents…
  • Environmental friendliness: the DDS Shipper solution helps reducing transport-related CO2 emissions.

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