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The three main reasons to use transport software

Transport, which has become strategically important for businesses, essential to keeping customer promises and a high-impact factor of cost controls, demands ever more advanced and precise management. Transport software is both accessible and flexible, and stands out as the ideal tool to help businesses implement their dedicated strategy. Three points that provide proof:

Transport software helps keep costs under control

Sometimes, it is difficult to know exactly how much transport represents in the cost of the services or products delivered to customers. At the same time, transport prices are on the increase. According to the index of freight transport and warehousing prices in the fourth quarter of 2018, published by the French Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, the cost of transporting freight by road continued to rise in the fourth quarter of 2018 (+0.2%), exceeding 2014 prices.

These context-dependent factors are an incentive to acquire transport software that will help optimize these costs. Transport software can be used to cost deliveries for every customer, to automatically check carriers’ invoices and compare the prices on offer.

Transport software allows for tighter control of your transport flows

It has become more difficult to keep track of an increasingly complex supply chain from end to end, due to the diversity of product references and players, and the globalization of trade. Transport software offers complete visibility of the supply chain. The tracking system gives details about the product quantities at every stage of the shipment and, in particular, helps make supplier procurement and customer delivery lead times more reliable.

At the same time, the optimization of the transport plan is also strategically important in order to cut costs and improve quality of service. Transport software optimizes the transport plan by selecting the best carriers and improving loading rates, while also meeting customer expectations.

Transport software optimizes the decision-making process by analyzing flows

Once the savings have been made and the customer service has been optimized, it’s time to focus on your internal performance. Transport software uses dashboards and dedicated indicators to quickly view and analyze data from all the flows in the company’s activities.

This input can be used to guide and speed up the decision-making process by sharing key data with employees, partners and suppliers, and ultimately boost the global performance of the company.

Transport software adapted to every need from DDS Logistics, the leading provider of TMS solutions in France

Several forms of solutions are available to operate the above-mentioned levers, depending on your needs, your organization and your budget.

TMS, like our DDS Shipper tool, helps cut costs as well as control and analyze domestic and international flows.

Likewise, the lightweight Shipper Light version offers all the benefits of the invoicing functionality of a fully-fledged TMS. Shippers can use this packaged product to computerize their process, so they can automatically check all their carrier invoices.

Finally, DDS Logistics developed the Join2ship collaborative transport platform to give users greater organizational capabilities and a clearer insight into their deliveries with a delivery scheduling service, real-time tracking functionality and alerts in the event of an incident or a late or early delivery.

Today, the various forms and modules of the transport software solutions developed by DDS have become essential to the smooth running of an efficient and agile supply chain.

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